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About Kaizo Fighters

What is Kaizo Fighters and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Kaizo Fighters? How can I learn more about Kaizo Fighters and stay up-to-date?

Welcome to the year 2065.

$NEAR has since manifested itself into mainstream society, and now the top 1% settle their scores in the ring, with Kaizo robots. Human boxers, which have been replaced by... 5000 Kaizo Fighters.

The 5000 Kaizo Fighters that make up the Kaizo Fight Club all come with a specific set of skills and traits, which build their fight style and characteristics.

Our plan as a team is to come to an emerging, exciting space and set the standard. We are more than just a PFP project. We will be implementing a PVP game, with the capacity to have on site wallets, in which players can wager, pink slip and more. Imagine the whole near community competing in tournaments for NEAR prizes, or your two favourite influencers in the space going at it to see who’s best! The possibilities are endless, and we want to take it all the way. There will be a more developed insight into this further in the document.