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About INC4

What is INC4? What is ? Where can I get INC4 tokens? Who invested INC4? How does INC4 compare to other projects?

INC4 is a staking provider with over 112 000 000 tokens staked in its projects, which provides 24/7 support and highly available infrastructure for its stakers. With INC4 Staking, users can employ the fullest extent of their investments.

INC4 Staking service is backed by the professional developers of the INC4 company that crafted various blockchain projects, including mining pool Minerall with 20+ nodes operated with a total of 100% uptime.

We are longtime supporters of NEAR, and our team consists of engaged NEAR enthusiasts. We have created the INC4 Guild - NEAR Protocols’ first Custom Development Guild servicing the NEAR Ecosystem.