About Illust Space

What is Illust Space and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Illust Space? How can I learn more about Illust Space and stay up-to-date?

Illustrative Spaces or Illust Space for short is a Non Fungible Token marketplace and metaverse that allows collectors and artists to display their digital artwork in the real world. Illust Space uses 3 (soon 4) key properties to do this:

  • App.Illust.Space: the marketplace for buying and selling digital and 3d artwork (augmented reality).
  • AR.Illust.Space: the map where art collectors can place their digital objects to be viewable in reality.
  • Illust.Space: the exhibition and news site for the platform bringing awareness to the technology.
  • Illustrate Studio: self serve minting and AR scene publishing tool for artists.

Illust Space is different from traditional metaverses in that it believes the biggest, most vibrant metaverse is the one that exists in the real world. Using blockchain technology and augmented reality, artists have a brand new canvas for content creation and expression.