About Histopia

What is Histopia? What is ERA? Where can I get Histopia ERA tokens? Who invested Histopia? How does Histopia compare to other projects?

Histopia is a city-building, resource management game, with its blockchain features making it the world’s first open-world multichain metaverse game. Build your cities, harvest your land’s resources, expand your territory and fight against other players!

The historical Metaverse includes a primary token called the “ERA” for the governance system and various Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs such as lands, various characters, spells, variety of tools which can be used to upgrade the militia level, buildings, etc.) and various Fungible Tokens in the form of extractable/generable resources (such as natural resources like water, wood, iron, stone, gold, food, etc.).

In Histopia, the advances in technology are managed by the player, a good management will lead to a higher level of technology, that will result in more economic and military power, hence the player will be able to manufacture more complex and efficient products.

Aurora Grant