About Hashbon Pass

What is Hashbon Pass and how does it work? What is Hashbon Pass token HASH how is it used? Where can I get Hashbon Pass HASH tokens? What are the key features and benefits of Hashbon Pass? How can I learn more about Hashbon Pass and stay up-to-date with its developments? Where can I get HASH Whitelist

Hashbon Pass, or NFT Passport by Hashbon FiRe is an NFT and a decentralized protocol for reusable identity verification on blockchains such as Ethereum, Aurora, BNB Chain, Polygon and other EVM-compatible networks. It is the up-to-date, innovative solution to the KYC problem in DeFi for both individuals and services (B2C & B2B).

The NFT Passport is issued by professional certified verifiers. Not only do they verify the authenticity of the submitted documents, but they also check the user’s presence in lists of sanctions, PEP lists (Politically Exposed Person) or other black lists. Moreover, this information is updated even after the creation of the NFT.

Hashbon Pass’ key feature is anonymous KYC. This means that DeFi-protocols do not actually have access to the user s personal data, but they can filter out individuals from sanction lists, as well as calculate the user’s credit scoring and social rating.