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What is HAPI and how does it work? What is HAPI token HAPI how is it used? Where can I get HAPI HAPI tokens? What are the key features and benefits of HAPI? How can I learn more about HAPI and stay up-to-date?

HAPI is a one-of-a-kind decentralized security protocol that prevents and interrupts any potential malicious activity within the blockchain space. HAPI works by leveraging both external and off-chain data as well as on-chain data accrued directly by HAPI and is publicly available.

One can imagine HAPI being an all-encompassing, overarching protocol that combines crypto intelligence data from multiple sources allowing the most accurate information on malicious activity, and compromised wallets.

HAPI is the only crypto cybersecurity solution that can be integrated into DEXes and DeFi protocols preventing Money Laundering by projects embedding/calling HAPI Smart Contracts and checking each transaction via the database.

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HAPI Token Symbol isHAPI

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$200.39 / $5.65

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HAPI Token Contract

HAPI is deployed on the NEAR Chain (NEP-141). Find the HAPI (HAPI) NEAR contract address details below.NEAR Chain (NEP-141)


HAPI is deployed on the Aurora Chain. Find the HAPI (HAPI) Aurora contract address details below.Aurora Chain


HAPI is deployed on the Ethereum Chain (ERC-20). Find the HAPI(HAPI) Ethereum contract address details below.Ethereum Chain (ERC-20)