A Radically New Approach to Social Gaming with NFTs.


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QU²EST is a Play-to-Earn social game that is a meshing of offline & online gaming experiences for people that don't always play video games. QU²EST intends to provide both passive & active participants an amazing experience ― participants can choose their level of engagement. The vision for QU²EST In-Real-Life games is to be a cross between the film NERVE, the game Pokemon Go and in later stages implement some Virtual Reality (VR) game features similar to Ingress Prime and OVR.

QU²ESTs are Play-to-Earn Social Games where a small number of key participant roles are played in In-Real-Life. Where QU²EST Games really stand out is the rewards model where the risks are low and the potential rewards are very high. We are aiming to take Play-to-Earn Social Gaming to the next level by laying the groundwork for group forming networks to implement rapid scaling characteristics.

QU²ESTs are Social Games for people that love films like Maze Runner, Hunger Games, Nerve, Lara Croft, Davinci Code, Indiana Jones & Jumanji ― would like to experience a mesh of offline & online gaming ― but don't always play video games or want to have an active role. QU²EST Games will provide both passive (spectators) & active participants an amazing experience ― everyone can choose their level of engagement, have lots of fun and also the opportunity to make large profits with very little downside as a result of the Crowd Effect.

Play-to-Earn is a fantastic concept, but not every person is a video-gamer or has time to play often — Sometimes people just want to relax like watching TV — QU²EST offers each type of participant a role with a different level of engagement best suited to the them & 45x to 1000x returns for winners — We are convinced that people should have fun & be rewarded without having to be a video gaming fanatic and also having the option of choosing how much they want to engage, they can adjust their desired engagement level.