About Gonear

What is Gonear and how does it work? What is Gonear token GN how is it used? Where can I get Gonear GN tokens? What are the key features and benefits of Gonear? How can I learn more about Gonear and stay up-to-date with its developments? Where can I get GN Whitelist

A pioneering decentralised fundraising & NFT platform on Near's EVM Aurora.

Gonear is a launchpad & initial NFT offering (INO) platform for the NEAR ecosystem. Allowing: Decentralised fundraising ; Access democratisation to high-potential projects ; NFT minting and initial offerings.

Unlike other launchpads which are controlled just by founders, Gonear’s launchpad will be governed by nine key stakeholders via a unique tradable set of NFTs. The 9 Gonear NFT owners form “The Council”, contributing their value and communities to drive growth to the GoNear launchpad and projects launching on the platform.

They own the launchpad and have a stronger say in its direction. This “knights at the roundtable” essentially form a decentralised incubator - better ensuring successful project launches. The Council will launch at 9 members, this membership will be extended to 17 members in Q3 2022.

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