About GloryGames: Worlds

What is GloryGames: Worlds? What is ? Where can I get GloryGames: Worlds tokens? Who invested GloryGames: Worlds? How does GloryGames: Worlds compare to other projects?

Glory Games is a play-to-earn project aimed at bringing GameFi to the masses. A Metaverse that connects communities through offline AR treasure hunt and online on-chain competitive play.

The team behind the project are fully doxxed, long-time gamers, with each individual averaging over 16 years each in game development, 3D animation/ Augmented Reality development, performance marketing full-stack development and have been specialists in their domain with entrepreneurial experiences.

While many go for quick rewards, our aim is in developing game titles that can enrich gamers' lives collectively and individually.

Our aspiration is to be a platform for communities to chill and hangout online and offline, compete and have fun, whilst empowering players to make an income playing something that is enjoyable and wealthier players to have the option to play and invest - meeting the needs of many through a well-executed Glory Lands Metaverse.

Since 2013, we have been developing our own native game engine for projects... Enter the era of blockchain gaming, we believe that our purpose is in improving the quality of GameFi through our edge in platform development, game design and marketing experiences collectively.

The era of GameFi that empowers players and investors like a well-balanced equation, has arrived. Yet, we are early.