About forbitswap

What is forbitswap? What is FBS? Where can I get forbitswap FBS tokens? Who invested forbitswap? How does forbitswap compare to other projects?

forbitswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) running on Ethereum. It’s specifically designed for a swapping platform that cuts out the middleman and allows users to trade cryptocurrency directly with one another. This allows traders to retain control of their funds at all times rather than having to entrust them to an exchange provider, with trades executed using smart contracts.

The forbitswap platform is a blockchain protocol that uses automated market makers (AMMs) and liquidity pools to facilitate peer-to-peer trading. Liquidity providers add tokens to forbitswap pools and are rewarded with a fee proportional to their share of the pool. forbitswap platform enables peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency trades that execute without order books or a centralized intermediary. The forbitswap platform achieves this with a liquidity pool model that uses automated smart contracts to enable prospective traders to access competing user-funded token reserves as the primary source of market liquidity. forbitswap protocol is a user-friendly front-end application, we offering some of the most optimist AMM protocols.