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What is Few and Far and how does it work? What is Few and Far token FAR how is it used? Where can I get Few and Far FAR tokens? What are the key features and benefits of Few and Far? How can I learn more about Few and Far and stay up-to-date?

Few and Far is the next-generation NFT Marketplace built on NEAR Protocol. Its technology supports advanced functionality that superpowers NFT applications across the blockchain, including critical applications for Gaming and DeFi.

NEAR Grant

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Investors: Pantera, NEAR Protocol, Huobi Ventures, Cypher Capital, Warburg Serres, PrimeBlock Ventures, Nonagon, Mantis, XDEFI Wallet, Charge, K5, Proximity, Alchemy, Lyrik Ventures, Tron, Mapleblock, ArkStream Capital, Big Brain Holdings, Newtribe Capital, Hypersphere, Inazuma Capital, Bixin Ventures, Moonrock Capital, Metaedge, MetaWeb VC