About Exxaverse

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Exxaverse is an ecosystem occupied by Gladiators, brought into play in a virtual arena where they battle for glory. Players showcase their combat skills with a Gladiator wielding a weapon of choice. Strategy is introduced as players struggle to get a tactical advantage over the opponent by choosing the right Gladiator with its best-suited weapon.

Ownership of the ecosystem is shared amongst players in the community. Battle arenas are up for sale, alongside other in-game assets like Gladiators, Weapons, and Arena Tickets, which are also tradable.

Players enjoy unique, battle experiences due to the variety of Gladiators, each with a peculiar ability and blend of properties. Besting an opponent means possessing better combat techniques and a gladiator-weapon pair that compliments gameplay. Champions claim the loser’s tokens (wagered before the beginning of the match) and/or one weapon of choice.

Our project aims at tearing down the barrier restricting the emergence of new members to the gaming community by providing easy access to our Metaverse through our NFT gaming platform. With the collaborative effort of our competent development team, the full actualization of our goals is only a stone’s throw away.