What is EXVERSE? What is ? Where can I get EXVERSE tokens? Who invested EXVERSE? How does EXVERSE compare to other projects?

Exverse is a massively multiplayer 3D third-person shooter in the Battle Royale genre with Play & Earn mechanics, combining competitive game modes in different worlds. As we expand, Exverse will be building into the Metaverse with a focus on interoperability across worlds & platforms.

The project will begin as a free-to-play, play & earn game that allows its players to earn its native in-game cryptocurrency based on their performance & contribution to the ecosystem. Players will be able to earn as soon as they start, but in a very limited amount compared to players who have purchased or earned our NFTs.

The mechanics of the project allow players to own and trade in-game assets: weapons, characters, and compete for rare items to exchange them in the NFT marketplace.