About Endemic

What is Endemic? What is END? Where can I get Endemic END tokens? Who invested Endemic? How does Endemic compare to other projects?

Endemic platform is a bridge connecting the real world art and artists with the newly growing NFT market. Our mission is to provide exquisite art to the crypto world but also to give real world artists exposure to this newly opened market.

Through our platform, we provide artists with an alternative way to value their art and prosper from it, all with the aim of a more fairly divided platform revenues.

Our platform will enable social interaction among artists, collectors and buyers. On Endemic marketplace we will enable various integration models such as - likes, comments, blogging etc.

This will pump life into the platform making the brand stronger and increasing its usage at the same time. Except for developers’ part of the project, which we consider very important, we have put a lot of effort to ensure a huge artists network. We have used a number of renowned artists and their experience to create the best art platform with easy-to-use interface.

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