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What is Octopus Network and how does it work? What is Octopus Network token OCT how is it used? Where can I get Octopus Network OCT tokens? What are the key features and benefits of Octopus Network? How can I learn more about Octopus Network and stay up-to-date?

Octopus is a protocol for launching Web3.0 appchains. By decreasing the cost of bootstrapping a Web3.0 applications in form of blockchain by two orders of magnitude, from several million dollars to less than one hundred thousand dollars; providing leased security, out-of-box interoperability and everlasting forkability; facilitating generalized mining centered token economics; bonding a set of social contracts consist of fair launch, regulatory compliance token distribution and protocol participants dominant on-chain governance, Octopus Network will unleash Web3.0 gold rush.

NEAR Grant

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Investors: Digital Currency Group, Netzero Capital, Electric Capital, NEAR Foundation, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Deep Narrative, Kretos Ventures, NGC Ventues, Bixin Group, Vestigium, PNYX Ventures, Ascensive Assets, D1 Ventures, Continue Capital, Stafi, Spark Digital Capital, SevenX Ventures, Puzzle Ventures, Autonomy Capital, GFS Ventures, Youbi Capital, ZMT Capital, Origin Capital, ChainX

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Octopus Network Token Symbol isOCT

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$7.02 / $0.163657

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OCT Token Contract

OCT is deployed on the NEAR Chain (NEP-141). Find the Octopus Network (OCT) NEAR contract address details below.NEAR Chain (NEP-141)


Octopus Network is deployed on the Aurora Chain. Find the Octopus Network (OCT) Aurora contract address details below.Aurora Chain


Octopus Network is deployed on the Ethereum Chain (ERC-20). Find the Octopus Network(OCT) Ethereum contract address details below.Ethereum Chain (ERC-20)