About Learn NEAR Club

What is Learn NEAR Club and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Learn NEAR Club? How can I learn more about Learn NEAR Club and stay up-to-date?

Learn NEAR Club is all inclusive hands-on onboarding machine to NEAR Protocol – connecting NEAR Ecosystem projects to pro-active community members via (L)Earn method.

What are nLEARNs?

nLEARNS are Learn NEAR Club internal points powering (L)Earning economy. nLEARNS are NOT tokens and do NOT have monetary value. The ultimate use case of nLEARNs is Proof of (L)Earn. Any (L)Earner history can be verified so community members or projects can get an idea about how consistent is the learning progress.

NEAR Certified Developer Program

This NEAR Certified Developer course is an opportunity for web developers to earn a Certificate of Completion that represents the ability to design, develop, test and deploy smart contracts on the NEAR platform – NEAR Certified Developer (NCD).