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About Drawstring

What is Drawstring and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Drawstring? How can I learn more about Drawstring and stay up-to-date?

Drawstring is an easy to use NFT launch platform and secondary marketplace. Our goal is to eliminate the barrier of entry for the masses to buy, sell and trade NFTs. We are giving the power back to people. You don’t need to be tech savvy to get into the NFT world with us, if you ever purchased anything online you will have the knowledge to purchase one of Drawtring’s creators NFTs.

We have developed an end to end solution for the entire nft (and marketing) process for our clients. Drawstring takes the entire confusing build process out of the creator's hands. We come up with the entire game plan, launch, community build, marketing and PR.

Drawstring gives creators a massive revenue stream opportunity while simultaneously giving their fans a deeper way to connect with them. The NFTs our creators launch will all have real world utility. They will give fans exclusive access to certain things the artists release such as music, merch, personalized access and calls, events, shout outs, and concerts. Skies the limit. We are essentially creating living/breathing fan clubs, web 3.0 version. Nfts should really be all about utility, I own this dope piece of digital art and it gives me access to xyz in the real world. It’s truly linking the virtual world with reality.

Additionally, NEAR happens to be the only blockchain with on-chain royalties which is the key to truly giving the power back to the artist. The creator will get a piece of every future NFT resale no matter where the owner chooses to sell it.

What we are great at as well is dropping nfts at mass which you can’t do on Ethereum. This is a huge opportunity for anyone with a fan base or high traffic venues. It costs $100-200 to mint a nft on eth, on our platform it’s a few cents. This allows our clients to make NFTs at a price point that makes sense for their fans. It gives them the power to launch as many campaigns as they see fit.

Creators can also drop free NFTs to their most engaged fans across all existing social media platforms. It’s easy and cost-effective to drop THOUSANDS of free NFTs and engage more of their fanbase in a new way. We have the power to do free airdrops of NFTs at any venue or event or even have hidden QR codes around the facility that gives people exclusive NFTs.

Our other main focus is to get a secondary marketplace live for the NEAR ecosystem. We want all of our creators' fans to have a great user-friendly platform to buy, sell and trade their NFTs. We also want to make sure the NEAR community can link their wallet and sell their assets no matter where their NFT’s were minted (our site, Mintbase, Paras, Satori, Aurora etc).

We will allow creators in the NEAR ecosystem to build out projects and launch on our platform. Which means homegrown projects can still get traction and become uber successful. We are going to be driving so much traffic to the site, we want to give users a reason to stay and continuously use the platform.

Drawstring will be launching new NFT campaigns with creators, brands, venues, teams, artists, athletes and entertainers continuously starting next week with our Canibus of Bust’d Labs drop. Keep an eye out for one of your favorites and make sure you enter their Metaverse!