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What is DeBio Network? What is DBIO? Where can I get DeBio Network DBIO tokens? Who invested DeBio Network? How does DeBio Network compare to other projects?

DeBio Network is a decentralized anonymous-first medical and biomedical platform created for users who want to anonymously submit to tests and various medical samples from the comfort of their homes. DeBio Network is created using Substrate, a blockchain framework behind the Polkadot & Kusama Ecosystem. DeBio Network's blockchain will be an Appchain on the Octopus Network, a Substrate relay chain on the NEAR Protocol.

Octopus Grant

DeBio Network Token Stats

DeBio Network Token Symbol isDBIODeBio Network DBIO Price


DeBio Network DBIO Price All Time High / All Time LowPrice ATH / ATL ⓘ

$0.159277 / $0.000447

DeBio Network DBIOMarket Cap


DeBio Network DBIOMarket Cap Rank


DeBio Network DBIO24H Volume


DeBio Network DBIO Total Value LockedTVL ⓘ


DeBio Network DBIO Fully Diluted ValuationFDV ⓘ


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DeBio Network DBIOTotal Supply

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DBIO Token Contract

DBIO Token Contract Address on NEAR, Aurora and Ethereum. How to find DBIO Token Address.

NEAR Chain (NEP-141)


Aurora Chain