About DAOrecords

What is DAOrecords? What is ? Where can I get DAOrecords tokens? Who invested DAOrecords? How does DAOrecords compare to other projects?

DAOrecords is on a mission to democratize the Music Industry. But to do so is no easy task and requires a unique approach to both business and art. We invite you to join us on our journey to empower artists and communities worldwide through music and the decentralized web to shape a future beneficial to all.

Although the world isn’t quite ready for a fully decentralized Record Label (not yet), we decided to start with a hybrid model that brings the best of both together as we dive into a fresh new journey.

As a company, we employ a “social enterprise” business model that is used to fuel more content creation, fan rewards and other mutually beneficial activities. It’s our mission to empower creatives and their communities!