About Creditcoin

What is Creditcoin? What is CTC? Where can I get Creditcoin CTC tokens? Who invested Creditcoin? How does Creditcoin compare to other projects?

Creditcoin is a public blockchain that creates a credit lending infrastructure allowing fintech lenders and microfinance providers greater access to capital while borrowers secure transactions, loans and their objective credit history on a groundbreaking immutable ledger with the Creditcoin token.

The Creditcoin blockchain is based on the Hyperledger Sawtooth architecture, and is designed to match and record loan transactions, creating an auditable and reliable source of credit information verification. By reducing informational a-symmetries, Creditcoin facilitates trust within its lending ecosystem.

Creditcoin ($CTC) is a utility token that is used as a transaction fee in the Creditcoin ecosystem. Whether you are a crypto investor, a fintech lender/developer, or a borrower in the developing world, the Creditcoin Ecosystem connects blockchain assets with a straightforward protocol creating trust and opportunity among an inter-blockchain lending market.