About CornerstoneDAO

What is CornerstoneDAO? What is CORN? Where can I get CornerstoneDAO CORN tokens? Who invested CornerstoneDAO? How does CornerstoneDAO compare to other projects?

Cornerstone is a metagovernance protocol for DeFi, Web3, social, gaming and more for the NEAR ecosystem.

The protocol is founded on two pillars — Metagovernance and Protocol-Controlled Value (PCV). The native token $CORN enables its holders to participate in DAO governance of various Dapp protocols and capture value from the entire NEAR ecosystem. PCV consists of an array of mainstream assets (such as $USDC, $USN, $NEAR, $LiNEAR, $Aurora, etc.) accrued by Cornerstone treasury. $CORN holders can decide the allocation of PCV across different Dapp protocols and thus share the revenue streams.