About Classy Kangaroos

What is Classy Kangaroos and how does it work? What is Classy Kangaroos token how is it used? Where can I get Classy Kangaroos tokens? What are the key features and benefits of Classy Kangaroos? How can I learn more about Classy Kangaroos and stay up-to-date with its developments? Where can I get Whitelist

Classy Kangaroo NFT Collection

The Classy Kangaroo collection has a very limited supply of only 550 NFT’s, with a mint price of 10 NEAR. The collection will launch in January 2022. The Classy Kangaroo NFT’s receive 4% of all NEAR that enters the Kangaroo Coin Flip program. Classy Kangaroos allow holders to “mint it and forget it” while passive NEAR rewards hit their wallet on a weekly basis. Kangaroo Coin Flip has a massive first mover advantage in the NEAR ecosystem and Classy Kangaroo NFT holders are positioned to benefit greatly from this monumental opportunity.

Kangaroo Coin Flip

Kangaroo Coin Flip allows users to play Double or Nothing with their NEAR tokens, results verifiable on-chain. The concept is simple; select the amount of NEAR you would like to wager, choose Heads or Tails, then let fate handle the rest. The odds are 50/50 and a 4% fee goes to Classy Kangaroo NFT holders. A portion of the Classy Kangaroo mint proceeds will be utilized to fund the Coin Flip vault which will lock in NEAR rewards for the victorious flips. The Classy Kangaroo team works fast. The Kangaroo Coin Flip dApp will be deployed shortly after the Classy Kangaroo NFT mint is completed. The Team is currently targeting February for Kangaroo Coin Flip Go-Live.