Chain Typing

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About Chain Typing

What is Chain Typing and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Chain Typing? How can I learn more about Chain Typing and stay up-to-date?

Chain Typing is a play to earn typing game, to help improve efficiency at typing.

In order to play the game, it's needed to own a character. They are represented on a Leaderboard.

There will only be 30 characters available initially to play the game. The number of characters will increase as the game is able to scale. They may be used as a sort of advertising space, to hold a description.

Donations will go to the game's funds to help further the game.

This game is an experiment, provides no guarantees, no liability, and no warranty at all. Chain Character minting are donations to the game's funds. They are non-refundable, and provide no guarantees of service.