About Certy Network

What is Certy Network and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Certy Network? How can I learn more about Certy Network and stay up-to-date?

Certy Network is a decentralized storage for degrees and certificates. We intend to develop a Blockchain-powered application for educational credential validation with the goal of eliminating the underlying flaws of the current certification system that have fostered the dominance of counterfeit documents. Furthermore, to make use of the abundance of extractable data, we use Artificial Intelligence to personalize students’ learning pathways and support them with career orientation. Our project’s expected objective is to develop a forgery-free certification environment, which would dramatically improve the reputation of educational institutions and businesses’ recruitment of actual talents, while also enhancing students’ employability and job preparation. In addition, a Learn to Earn platform, where users may earn money while learning new skills, is being developed to leverage the aforementioned features.