About Cell Protocol

What is Cell Protocol and how does it work? What is Cell Protocol token how is it used? Where can I get Cell Protocol tokens? What are the key features and benefits of Cell Protocol? How can I learn more about Cell Protocol and stay up-to-date with its developments? Where can I get Whitelist

Welcome to Cell, a Smart Automated Market Maker (SAMM) that democratizes liquidity provision for Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) DEXs. By building a bot infrastructure that enables anyone to seamlessly create grid trading strategies and deposit assets into boosted farms, Cell aims to become the liquidity gateway for CLOBs.

We truly believe that the flexibility of CLOBs decides its superiority over traditional AMMs. However providing liquidity on CLOBs has higher barrier, which results in high slippage compared to CEXs and much less trading pairs compared to AMMs. Cell closes this gap by providing a simple, flexible, and automated tool that enables the mass to provide liquidity like pros.

Cell also pioneered an innovative Range-based Farm that redefines incentive accuracy. It empowers projects to incentivize concentrated liquidity with customized ranges, and let liquidity flow to where it is needed the most.