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Burrow is a decentralized, non-custodial pool-based interest rates platform that enables users to supply assets to earn interest, and to borrow against them to unlock liquidity. Burrow is similar in nature to Aave, Compound, and other pool-based protocols.

Burrow runs natively on the NEAR blockchain, a layer 1, proof-of-stake, sharded blockchain with a WebAssembly runtime. The Burrow protocol's smart contracts are written in Rust.

Burrow aims to unlock liquidity for interest-bearing assets, particularly layer 1 staking derivatives such as stNEAR and stETH. Users of Burrow will be able to deposit stNEAR as collateral, then borrow more NEAR to create a leveraged staking position, or borrow a stablecoin to create a self-repaying position.

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Who invested in Burrow? Burrow Funding, Financials, Valuation & Investors

Investors: Metaweb Ventures, Jump Crypto, DeFi Capital, Mentha Partners, D1 Ventures, ParaFi Capital, SevenX Ventures, Kronos, GFS Ventures, Dragonfly Capital Partners, IOSG Ventures, Lemniscap, MOVE Capital, QCP Capital, Warburg Serres Investments

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$0.028 / $0.009

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BRRR Token Contract Address on NEAR, Aurora and Ethereum. How to find BRRR Token Address.

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