About BoringDAO

What is BoringDAO and how does it work? What is BoringDAO token BORING how is it used? Where can I get BoringDAO BORING tokens? What are the key features and benefits of BoringDAO? How can I learn more about BoringDAO and stay up-to-date?

BoringDAO, Opening a brand new era of crosschain with $BOR tokenomics! An Infrastructure Connecting Blockchain Assets and the DeFi World.

BoringDAO is a decentralized bridge between Ethereum and other Blockchain assets, we offer the opportunity for non-ERC20 assets to maximize utility and yield-generating effects.

For each blockchain asset, there will be an exclusive minting tunnel operated in the form of DAO and performing bi-directional mapping between blockchain assets and ERC-20 tokens.

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BoringDAO Token Symbol isBORING

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$0.148861 / $0.002212

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