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About Blogchain

What is Blogchain? What is ? Where can I get Blogchain tokens? Who invested Blogchain? How does Blogchain compare to other projects?

Blogchain is currently in public beta. We're beyond excited to get this software into the hands of all sorts of creators, from journalists to authors to activists to scientists to social critics, and then see what they create with it. Plus, we anticipate many of them will find new ways to monetize their work on the decentralized web and thus gain a greater degree of editorial independence.

At Capsule Social, we believe we're entering an incredibly exciting phase where we've built the best social experience yet available on Web3. We think we have a shot at going where no decentralized platform has been able to reach before when it comes to combining features, reach, usability, and decentralization.

We are also planning to share the platform software on an open source basis, so anyone who wants to run a node on their own can do so. Hopefully, this underscores our deep commitment to promoting freer discourse on the internet, aided greatly by decentralization.