About Bison Trails

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Bison Trails Computing is a builder, believer, and long-term investor in blockchain technologies. We are seasoned software, hardware, and embedded systems engineers with over 15 years of industry experience. We build and operate blockchain focused data centers across North America and operate hardware on new Mainnet and upcoming testnet blockchains. We believe that building transparent and secure decentralized infrastructure will have long-lasting impact on the networks we work with. We are building for the future.

We are long term believers in proof-of-work algorithmic security on blockchains. As such we operate thousands of PoW machines across our secure data centers to power mature and up-and-coming blockchain networks. Our machines have powered countless transactions across a multitude of cryptographic chains.

We are experts in both bare metal and VPS server management and deployment with over 15 years of distributed systems experience. We operate blockchain nodes and validators across new networks and enable our partners to stake tokens easily and safely. We commit to new networks in early stages of testnet and work closely with the community to help build the best decentralized network possible.

We take great pride in our secure infrastructure solutions. We commit to providing the best DDoS protection available, secure key management and best practices in securing our infrastructure. We are committed to maintaining 99.9% uptime for our systems. We deploy geographically distributed systems across North America and redundant auto-scaling systems built to handle outages, service interruptions and spikes in network traffic.