Curated list of all projects building on NEAR, Aurora and Octopus.

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About AwesomeNEAR

What is AwesomeNEAR and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of AwesomeNEAR? How can I learn more about AwesomeNEAR and stay up-to-date?

AwesomeNEAR aims to help the NEAR community navigate and contextualize this fast growing ecosystem with more ease and clarity. We built AwesomeNEAR β€”

  • Offering an overview of the NEAR landscape and what's new
  • Serving as a dashboard of NEAR, Aurora and Octopus ecosystem project profiles
  • Tracking key data & stats of NEAR, ecosystem projects & rankings

We are a group of NEARFans who share the belief in & dedication to β€” The NEAR Future. We are here to help promote up and coming NEAR ecosystem projects on Twitter or one-on-one, if needed, in relation to marketing/PR, fundraise/networking, etc.