Autify Network

Autify Network

A blockchain trust protocol for the global supply chain and retail industry.

About Autify Network

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We are developing a trust protocol to make commerce and supply-chain more transparent through the power of blockchain, AI & computer vision.

We are the first and only certification platform designed to prove the authentication and ownership of any physical goods using an object’s biometry. No external proxies—no QR code, no barcodes, no microchips or add-ons.

We use a combination of intelligent technologies, including computer vision, artificial intelligence and decentralized infrastructure to mint, match, maintain and transfer digital twins. These NFT certificates provide a universal solution for certifying trust across the sectors.

Using advanced recognition and identification techniques in computer vision, artificial intelligence and decentralised infrastructure, Autify can uniquely identify physical objects even if they are of the same make or model. This solution far surpasses anything in the market today.