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What is Aurora+ and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Aurora+? How can I learn more about Aurora+ and stay up-to-date?

Aurora+ is an exciting new membership program for users of Aurora, that provides a suite of incredible benefits. Available today, all Aurora users can sign up for a free Basic account, including:

  1. 50 free transactions per month. One of the biggest user experience hurdles throughout all of crypto, is understanding and dealing with transaction fees. Aurora+ eliminates this problem, setting the blockchain free!
  2. AURORA Staking. Aurora+ members who stake AURORA tokens will enjoy not only a continuous stream of AURORA rewards, but also streams of rewards from the best projects throughout the Aurora ecosystem!
  3. AURORA Airdrop. To ensure that all Aurora+ members experience the benefits of Aurora Staking, everyone who creates an account on Aurora+ during the first week of launch will be presented with an opportunity to claim and stake an Aurora Airdrop!

Those are the benefits available today. In the future, Aurora will continue to evolve the Aurora+ platform with foreseen features like:

  1. Paid Premium Plans. Perhaps you need more than 50 transactions per month. Perhaps youโ€™re a trader and need your transactions prioritized. Just as with mobile phone service, Aurora+ Premium plans will allow users to access the features and services that exactly fit their needs.
  2. Governance participation. Aurora+ members who stake AURORA will be eligible to participate in the governance of the Aurora protocol, through participation in the AuroraDAO.
  3. Private transactions. Given the technical underpinnings between Aurora and the NEAR protocol, Aurora+ will roll out a solution to the Ethereum Dark Forest problems related to transaction analysis and front-running.
  4. Single-point KYC. Aurora+ will offer optional KYC from within the userโ€™s dashboard, recording the results to the blockchain, making them available to any dApps in the Aurora ecosystem that require KYCs.

Aurora is working to optimize the user experience not only for its users, but for its ecosystem apps and platforms as well.

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