About Aurigami

What is Aurigami? What is PLY? Where can I get Aurigami PLY tokens? Who invested Aurigami? How does Aurigami compare to other projects?

Aurigami is a decentralized, non-custodial money market protocol on Aurora.

As the primitive money market on Aurora, Aurigami serves to complement both existing and emerging DeFi protocols to bootstrap the ecosystem’s growth. Money markets serve as the core foundation of all financial economies and with Aurigami, assets on Aurora can be utilized more strategically and efficiently. Idle assets can be turned into interest-bearing auTokens, leverage can be achieved through collateralized borrowing, borrowed funds can be deployed elsewhere for additional yield.

The beauty of DeFi lies in its composability, and Aurigami unlocks further liquidity and flexibility of funds. Just like the art of paper folding, we bring together various points within the Aurora ecosystem and together, the end product becomes way more than the sum of its parts.

Aurigami Token Stats

Aurigami Token Symbol is PLYAurigami PLY Price


Aurigami PLY Price All Time High / All Time LowPrice ATH / ATL ⓘ

$0.025 / $0.001

Aurigami PLYMarket Cap


Aurigami PLYMarket Cap Rank


Aurigami PLY24H Volume


Aurigami PLY Total Value LockedTVL ⓘ


Aurigami PLY Fully Diluted ValuationFDV ⓘ


Aurigami PLYCirculating Supply


Aurigami PLYTotal Supply

Data Source: CoinGecko

PLY Token Address

PLY Token Contract Address. How to find PLY Token Address

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