House of Eros (AstroMarket)

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About House of Eros (AstroMarket)

What is House of Eros (AstroMarket) and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of House of Eros (AstroMarket)? How can I learn more about House of Eros (AstroMarket) and stay up-to-date?

AstroMarket is a secondary NFT marketplace for all NEAR FT collections to trade post-mint, working seamlessly with our generative NFT launchpad, AstroGen.

AstroMarket users will incur a 2% marketplace royalty fee when buying or selling an NFT 50% of that getting distributed to delisted NEARNaut holders.

Holders of $ASTRO token can reduceAstroMarket fees and earn rewards through a structured tier-based system.