Zerion Wallet Integrates the Aurora Network

Zerion Wallet Integrates the Aurora Network

Leading multichain smart and social wallet Zerion has integrated Aurora

Users can manage their entire portfolio on Aurora, trade across 10+ networks, and connect to any decentralized application with one app.

Now with Aurora, Zerion Wallet users can enter the NEAR Protocol ecosystem with the same wallet that they use for Ethereum, its Layer-2 networks, and various Layer-1 EVM chains.

With Zerion Wallet, users can switch to Aurora with just a tap and import any existing wallet or create a new address. After that, they can experience all advanced Zerion features on Aurora:

  • Automatically track all assets on Aurora, including staked tokens, LP tokens, and pending rewards
  • Find the cheapest and fastest bridge to Aurora with Zerionโ€™s bridge aggregation
  • See what are the best rates on Aurora DEXes with Zerionโ€™s trading aggregation
  • Follow any Aurora addresses and getting alerts when they trade
  • Connect to any dapp on mobile and in the browser and sign transactions on the go

Zerion Wallet also comes with Zerion DNA, a unique living NFT that changes with on-chain actions and reflects the Web3 identity of its owner. For example, if the wallet has most of its assets on the Aurora network, the avatar will be mostly signature green. Swaps and other transactions change the DNAโ€™s attributes, increasing the rarity.