Why Do We Have The Lowest Commission In The Web3 (Fees Breakdown)?

Why Do We Have The Lowest Commission In The Web3 (Fees Breakdown)?

We have the lowest streaming commission on the web3 market and this is not the limit! We are working to reduce it even further. Can you believe it? Let’s see what kind of fees you are paying when using our service.

Roketo is a crypto streaming solution which allows you to pay people and services in real time. Low commission, high transaction speed, and transparency make it an ideal solution.

When you are creating a stream to transfer NEAR tokens, any token you choose is a smart contract of this token. Referring to this smart contract, you need to put a deposit. If you are creating a stream for the first time, you pay a one-time sender’s storage deposit and create a nep141 account. The deposit amount will not exceed 0.0125 NEAR. The receiver of NEAR tokens must have a receiver’s storage deposit. If the recipient doesn’t have a receiver’s storage deposit and a nep141 account, the sender pays another fee for it no more than 0.0125 NEAR. If the recipient has a deposit, the sender doesn’t have to pay anything. To ensure stream security we provide cold storage streaming storage deposit and finance storage deposit that don’t exceed 0.0125 NEAR and are rarely used. The fees for all the four deposits are displayed in the “Storage deposit fee” field when creating a stream.

Roketo takes commission of 0,1 NEAR. This amount is displayed in the field “Stream creation fee”. Since Roketo is built on NEAR, this allows us to maintain one of the lowest commissions on the market. In addition, you will have to pay a gas commission for your transactions, which is also lower in the NEAR ecosystem than in other blockchains.

Thanks to the low commission, fast transactions, transparency and intuitive interface in Roketo. You can efficiently set up hundreds of threads with the lowest possible cost and minimum time spent. Try it !