What is the HERE Wallet?

What is the HERE Wallet?

The HERE Wallet is a mobile wallet for the NEAR Protocol. With the use of this application, you can easily buy, sell and use NEAR. The HERE Wallet can even work together with the NEAR web wallet, giving users access to new features.

Some of these features include:

Liquid Stacking

"Storage" is the foundation of HERE Wallet. Using a smart contract, all users store their money securely. In doing so, most of the money is stacked, and 10% is left free to maintain liquidity. A real-world example of this is Chase Bank. Thousands of users store their dollars there and can use them at any time, while the bank uses most of that money to invest and lend. The bank then uses the profits to charge people annual interest. The same principle works in the HERE Wallet. Although instead of a bank, it's a smart contract, and instead of an investment, it's staking.

The innovations we used to control and manage the smart contract allowed us to achieve returns of up to 9% per year while keeping all withdrawals interest-free! For an instant withdrawal, "meta pool" will debit you 0.5% to 1.5%, while "liquidity" will debit you 1%. HERE, on the other hand, will charge you 0%. Unlike other apps, HERE lets you keep NEAR long-term and use it immediately. Liquid Stacking is available by default to all HERE Wallet users.

BTC Bridge

Although NEAR can be used in many projects throughout the ecosystem, it still cannot be used to buy real goods. Practically no online stores or payment systems accept NEAR. However, we solved this problem at HERE Wallet with NEAR - BTC bridge. Now you can transfer money to your bitcoin address without any fees via the BTC bridge by entering it as a beneficiary address or scanning a QR code. The transaction will take 30-50 seconds and then appear in the bitcoin network. We are able to make such a cheap exchange by grouping many transactions into a single one when transferring through the Rainbow bridge and paying the fee only once.

Working with projects in the NEAR ecosystem

Withdrawal of money from the HERE wallet is automatic and commission-free. In order to use services that work with the NEAR web wallet, you need to transfer money to a cold wallet in advance, which can be done in the application in one click.

Buying and selling NEAR

NEAR can be purchased with your bank card through MoonPay or Mercury. You can also buy NEAR for bitcoin or sell NEAR in exchange for BTC. Unfortunately, nowadays, the commissions for buying USD from our partners are pretty big, so for big turnovers, we recommend using Binance.


A private key is generated locally by the application and is never transferred to a third party. The app publishes only signed transactions on the Internet, which do not reveal private information. The key itself is stored in the Apple keychain and is tamper-proof on the device. Smart contracts have published public codes that can be checked by anyone. Developers have no access to the user's funds and can only manage the balance between free and staked NEAR. A secure third-party project, Astro pool, is used for staking. Unlike a web wallet, your data is encrypted and password-protected, so no web extensions or viruses on your computer can access it.

HERE Wallet is the best mobile wallet for NEAR Protocol. It combines high yield, ease of use, and security. With HERE Wallet, you will discover all the features of the NEAR ecosystem.