WEB2 -> WEB3: Transfers via phone number + new contest

WEB2 -> WEB3: Transfers via phone number + new contest

WEB3 has a big challenge to create a decentralized space that will be much better than WEB2!! There is a big problem of attracting users from WEB2 to WEB3. How to do it as easily as possible?

At HERE Wallet we were thinking about this problem and decided that the best way is to integrate some of WEB2 features inside HERE Wallet.

We are glad to announce that now you can easily transfer NEAR and soon FT tokens and NFTs via phone number to the user who doesn’t even have NEAR Wallet. She/he will receive an SMS or message in Whatsapp. It can be your mum, waiter or street musician. It’s easy, just use HERE Wallet!


How to transfer crypto via phone number

Important notice!

For now, you can only send NEAR to the friend who has IOS device!

Transfer via phone number and get rewarded!

We’re not promising you Halloween candy, but we can reward you with our HERE Early User NFTs and NEAR.

Rules of the contest:

  1. Top 50 users who bring more people to HERE Wallet using transfers via phone number will share 40 uncommon and 10 rare NFTs + 50 NEAR for the top three. Don’t use bots! We will track only active users.
  2. 100 random users who will send minimum $1 via phone number will get $1 as a reward.
  3. 10 people who will quote retweet this tweet or make a post, follow us on Twitter and tell why you like our new feature will get 10 uncommon NFTs. We will choose the most original!

Results of HERE Legendary NFTs contest

You may know that we also held a contest for 2 of our legendary NFTs. We are happy to announce the winners:

  1. romwood.near
  2. phantombull.near

NFTs will be sent to their .near wallets. Don’t feel bad, because there are other opportunities to get more right now :)

You can always buy or sell NFTs on: