The first 1000 projects on NEAR - the first of many

The first 1000 projects on NEAR - the first of many

Thank you for reading this.

We’d like to start with an ode to all the builders, a salute to the 1000 innovators and leaders who are early believers, who have spent days, months and years of their life and energy to build the foundation of what NEAR is today and what it will look like tomorrow.

We praise all your work and dedication, in bull and bear, in good times and through painful days. You made friends and experiences, and hopefully made some money along the way. Moreover you shared those experiences with others, (and probably some of that money as well). You inspired people to try to do the same or better. This is how we will progress as an ecosystem and all its individuals contributing to it..

Things didn’t always go great. Opinions differed, strides were fought, directions were changed. Builders left, others joined. Life goes fast in Web3.

You can be proud of yourselves, wherever you are now. We look forward to what you will do next.

Looking ahead - limitless opportunities

The first 1000 teams did it without the upcoming innovations and releases that will accelerate adoption and grow the amount of builders exponentially.

Get excited about how NEAR will grow more easily from 1000 to 10k builders than from 0 to 1000: have a look at the comprehensive NEAR Protocol Roadmap 2023-24.

Two of our favorite innovations that we predict will have massive impact:

  • Meta Transactions will allow a third party to pay for the transaction cost of any account, which means that users can be onboarded to NEAR apps without having to get NEAR tokens first.

  • Secp256r1 key support would allow iPhone users to have an implicit account on chain. This reduces the friction of onboarding to an even lower threshold than existing Web2 approaches. An iPhone user does not have to go through the process of creating an account through some wallet.

We are excited and curious to see what the next 1000 projects on NEAR will bring, how they will innovate beyond what we can grasp today and fill needs that keep popping up in this fast evolving world.

We dream big. We dream NEAR.

Do you want to hear some insights, predictions and experiences from the builders themselves? Stay close in the following weeks to get an insight into some of the leaders in the NEAR ecosystem’s mind in our Tuesday series “We asked 18 builders on NEAR…”

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