Spin Guild Wars: Airdrop Hunt Starts Today

Spin Guild Wars: Airdrop Hunt Starts Today

Have you heard the latest rumours about the potential airdrop of SPIN tokens to the early users of our platform? The rumours are true, though the ways to get a portion of SPIN after the token generation event go far beyond some classic product use cases. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the Guild Wars event that invites 6 lucky Guilds to compete against each other and win a share of Spin’s utility tokens in the future Airdrop.

Introducing Guild Wars

Guild Wars is a special community event hosted by Spin and designed to engage the most loyal communities into a brand awareness battle. The Guilds include:

  • Korean Guild — the community of NEAR Korea.
  • Moni Talks Guild — the community of Moni Talks.
  • Russian Guild — the community of NEAR Native.
  • Shitzu Guild — the community of Shitzu, the meme coin of Aurora.
  • Turkish Guild — the community of NEAR Turkey.
  • Vietnamese Guild — the community of NEAR Vietnam, Aurora Vietnam, Octopus Vietnam, and GFI Blockchain.

Only 200 members of each community will be able to join the Guild Wars event and compete against other Guilds in completing the quests prepared by the Spin team. Guild Wars will last for 7 days. For completing each quest, Guild members will earn some points for their respective Guild, and on November 29th, 12 pm UTC, the final leaderboard will be published. Based on this leaderboard, Top-3 Guilds will receive a share in Spin’s Airdrop for early users and supporters of the platform:

  • Top 1 Guild — 2.5%;
  • Top 2 Guild — 1.5%;
  • Top 3 Guild — 1%.

Now, you must be wondering what the total Airdrop allocation is. We still keep it a secret, but we will reveal more details about the Airdrop amount and terms as we get closer to the announcement of the final list of users to receive the Spin Airdrop.

The allocation within each Guild will be distributed to the Guild members according to their individual input.

Say, Korean Guild succeeds to become the Top 1 Guild in the event and earned 10,000 points in total. It’s member A earned 1,000 points for his Guild, and member B earned 100 points. In this case, member A will get 0.25% from the total allocation, and member B will get 0.025%.

Do you feel intrigued? Then let’s move to the Guild Wars terms and see how you can contribute!

How to join a Guild?

Now, when you know which Guild you want to join, you need to hurry to be among the first 200 members of the community to join the Guild on Spin’s Discord server. Below is your step-by-step guide:

  1. Join Spin’s Discord and verify yourself to unlock full access to the server.
  2. Find the Guild Wars section on our Discord.
  3. Select the channel of the Guild you want to join and verify yourself to get a special role of that Guild.
  4. After that, you will get a general Guild Warriooor role and a special Guild role and will be able see the secret chat of your Guild.

That’s it!

Please note, that each member of the event can join only one Guild. Users who verify themselves as participants of several Guilds will be disqualified from the event and will be excluded from the list of users to receive the Airdrop. So be attentive and choose your Guild wisely!

What quests are there?

We have prepared several quests with different levels of difficulty for the Guilds. The first quest will be published on November 23rd, both in the general Guild-news channel and in your Guild channel. So make sure you have Discord notifications on.

As the Guilds complete their quests, they earn some XP points for their community. Most social challenges will be hosted on Crew3 and they will only be available to the Guild Wars participants. The challenges will be duplicated for each Guild on the dashboard so everyone can transparently see who are the most active members in each Guild. Based on the total points earned by Guild members, we will aggregate the leaderboard of all Guilds and update it once a day. The leaderboard will be published in the Guild-news channel.

The individual input of each Guild member is also important. When we announce the Top 3 Guilds, the retrodrop share will be allocated to the members proportionally to the number of points they earn. This way, you as a participant have two goals: getting your Guild to Top-3 and earning as many XP points as you can!

So LFG, frens!