Sender Wallet Awarded $50,000 Grant from NEAR Foundation for Mainnet Launch

Sender Wallet Awarded $50,000 Grant from NEAR Foundation for Mainnet Launch

NEAR Foundation has awarded a $50,000 grant to Sender Wallet to help its development on the NEAR-based non-custodial browser extension wallet. Sender Wallet is now available in beta release on Chrome, enabling testers and early users to send, receive, and store their NEAR assets.

Sender Wallet Beta Release now available in the Chrome Web Store.

Wallets are one of the first and most important user onboarding experiences to start using blockchains and decentralized applications. Sender provides an all-in-one and effortless wallet solution that serves as a gateway to the wider NEAR ecosystem.

The $50,000 grant will help Sender to continue to innovate on the NEAR experience with in-wallet features. Today, Sender offers users NEAR native asset management, in-wallet staking, integration of NFTs, instant swaps, implicit account creation, and optimized asset security.

“NEAR has put a strong focus on accessibility and user-friendliness when designing its features. In the last year, the NEAR ecosystem has been growing at an exciting speed and scale. With the launch of Sender Wallet, we hope to provide existing and new NEAR users the opportunity to use a solid crypto wallet on-the-go,” said Kenny, Founder at Sender Labs.

“We’re very excited to support the growth of Sender Wallet as part of the NEAR ecosystem,” said Illia Polosukhin, Co-Founder of NEAR Protocol. “Delivering accessible, secure wallet experiences to users is critical for achieving mainstream adoption of Web3. Sender is taking the right approach and I know we’ll see great things from the team.”