Santa tokens — proof of good

Santa tokens — proof of good

All of us are looking forward to Christmas. We all continue to believe in the Christmas miracles that can happen at the moment of such celebration. To bring celebration to NEAR, we are happy to announce the distribution of $SANTA tokens to our community and active wallet users!

Do good — get good, that’s the slogan that we use. Starting today every active HERE Wallet user will be able to get $SANTA tokens and give a real Christmas magic to everyone around.

How to get SANTA tokens?

  • The easiest way is to download HERE before 15 December and get your first $SANTA
  • We have also sent more $SANTA tokens to the most active Crew3 users and HERE NFT holders
  • Every week we raffle off 10000 $SANTA on twitter for the different tasks, stay tuned!

How to earn SANTA tokens?

Send 50+ $SANTA to your friends via phone number. As soon as your friend receives the gift you will earn 75 $SANTA! Of course, if he has not had $SANTA tokens before, second-time gifts do not give.

Why do we need SANTA tokens?

At 12:00 PM PST on December 31st $SANTA tokens will turn into NEAR, USDT, NFT or increased APY for staking in HERE. On average 100 $SANTA ≈ $1, but there are more prizes and there are those who will get less, you can read about how random works in the documentation. On New Year’s Eve, it will be your surprise from the decentralized Santa Claus.

Our goal this Christmas is to make people happy with our cool gift. Don’t hesitate to send $SANTA to random people because it’s really cool when a person gets a gift that will later turn into real money!