PembRock Finance Full Functionality Launched on the Testnet

PembRock Finance Full Functionality Launched on the Testnet

The first leveraged yield farming project on NEAR Protocol, PembRock Finance, is nearing mainnet release. With two in-depth audits by BlockSec and Certik, as well as successful listings of its native token, PEM, on Ref Finance and Jumbo Exchange, the platform is now allowing users to test both its farming and lending functionality.

Lenders testing met with success

Just last week PembRock unveiled its lending functionality, with over 6k unique wallets connected. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with testers enjoying the site’s UI, saying it was intuitive and easy to navigate.

There were also feedbacks that users asked the project to incorporate, such as the option to switch to light mode, change language, and easily view transaction history.

Testnet for farmers is live!

Now live on the testnet, you can see how PembRock allows users to lend with just the click of a button and/or farm with leverage. In a largely automated process, you can open and adjust leveraged positions utilizing the fast, secure, and affordable transactions that the NEAR blockchain offers.

Once you’re done, the PembRock team is waiting for your feedback on Discord. Your voice counts, as all comments are taken into consideration, helping to make PembRock a true community project.

Happy testing!

By the way, if you can’t wait for the mainnet launch and want to start farming PEM now, the PEM-USN farm has already been launched on Ref Finance, offering 170% APY at the time of writing. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to start farming and get involved!