Octopus Network Monthly Report — June 2022

Octopus Network Monthly Report — June 2022

June 2022 Highlights

  1. Yogain, Octopus Star Winner, joins Octopus Network as an Appchain.
  2. Appchain DEIP opens the first Metaverse.
  3. Substrate IBC milestone 4 has been reached.
  4. SubQuery partners with Octopus Network.
  5. The Octopus Accelerator Program Summer 2022 culminates with five winning Octopus Future Star projects.
  6. Substrate Developer Training 1st Hackathon Winning Teams are officially announced in Malaysia & India.
  7. Octopus Network is listed as a first mover protocol in African Blockchain 2021 Report.
  8. Louis Liu, Founder of Octopus Network, speaks on “OCW Enabled Application-Specific Oracles “ at BeWater DevCon II in Silicon Valley.
  9. Octopus Network at Consensus2022, Austin, Texas.

June R&D Updates

Octopus Network & Apps

✓Token Converter feature is enabled on Octopus Network Mainnet.

✓Octopus Network Apps Optimization Update 1

  • One-click deployment page displays the resource usage of the Validating node server

✓Octopus Network Apps Optimization Update 2

  • Verifies node associated with Validator NEAR account

Octopus Network Smart Contracts

The Anchor contract provides security and cross-chain-related functions for the application chain.

  • The Anchor contract of Octopus Network main network has been upgraded to v2.1.0.

Octopus Network IBC Module

Substrate IBC will eventually enable full interconnection of Octopus Appchains with Cosmos and Polkadot.

Octopus Network Cross-Link Bridge


SubQuery and Octopus Network Enter Strategic Partnership SubQuery is a universal data indexing toolkit that facilitates the construction of Web3 applications.

SubQuery will provide data services supporting the Octopus Network Explorer for the first 100 Appchains launched in the Octopus Network Ecosystem.

Apps’ NFT cross-link functionality goes live on the beta network.

June Appchain Ecosystem Updates

As of June 2022, four Appchains have launched and eight Appchain Candidates are in various stages of development.

Appchains Running on Mainnet

  • DeBio.Network — Launched
  • Myriad — Launched
  • DEIP — Launched
  • Atocha — Launched

Appchains in Development

  • Fusotao — Booting
  • Discovol — Booting
  • Unique One Network — Audit
  • Attarius — Development Status
  • Create Protocol — Development Status
  • PortalVerse — Development Status
  • TrustRecruit — Development Status
  • Yogain — Development Status

Appchain Events

DEIP Appchain

  • Over 3.47M $OCT staked on Main Network. June APY up to 19%.

On June 3, 2022, in collaboration with Weng Contemporary, DEIP opened its DEIP Metaverse City.

Created by the leading teams of ARHEAD Metaverse ecosystem, BALAGAN creative agency, and ATRIUM architectural studio, DEIP’s Metaverse is designed in the image of the company itself — by integrating virtual architecture, branding, and color palette.

Fusotao Appchain

Fusotao Protocol is DEX infrastructure for building DEXs with trading privacy, minimal gas fees, and lower trading costs.

  • In Booting Phase

Fusotao, Octopus Network, and NearHispano held a Spanish AMA.

Myriad Appchain

Myriad Social Appchain CEO, Jean-Daniel Gauthier (@Danny_MyriadSoc), gives a live presentation in Octopus Africa Telegram.

DeBio Appchain

Founding Appchain, DeBio CEO, Pandu Sastrowardoyo (@decentricity), gives a live presentation in Octopus Africa Telegram.

June Octopus Accelerator Program Updates


  • The Octopus Accelerator website has been completely updated with new visuals and content.

Lessons and Seminars

Three additional online video lessons and four seminars have been released on the following topics:

  • Fundraising
  • Community Building
  • Web3 Product Design
  • Crypto Regulation

Accelerator Program Summer 2022

The Octopus Accelerator Summer 2022 program received a record-breaking 109 applicants. 40 were accepted into the Summer Program. 22 Graduates applied for Showcase Day — 10 Graduates were invited to present their projects to a select, invite-only audience of industry experts for a chance to win the Octopus Star Prize.

Showcase Day Presenters

  1. Yogain
  2. MixVerse
  3. SilkText
  4. SummerScan
  5. Legal Music
  6. Index Sports
  7. Nestercity
  8. Horizonland
  9. EnCounter
  10. Plats Network

Meet the Octopus Network Star Prize Winners!

Showcase Day was held on June 20th. After more than three hours of presentations, the Showcase Day judges nominated five projects to receive the Octopus Star Prize of USD 50k in grants.

  1. Yogain
  2. Plats Network
  3. Legal Music
  4. MixVerse
  5. Horizonland


Yogain is a Web3 Yoga App that uses AR technology to guide and evaluate Yoga Practitioners. SocialFi and GameFi elements — including a built-in Social Network, and both Free-to-Practice and Yogain (Practice-to-Earn) modes — are key for attracting and retaining students. In-app NFT items can be transferred, sold, or leased via built-in marketplace, wallet, and swap function.

💥The Octopus Network is happy to announce that Yogain will continue to build their application as an Appchain in the Octopus Network. We look forward to watching this concept develop.💥

Plats Network

Plats Network is a community-owned Web3 Marketing Platform for global users, influencers, and businesses. Their mission is to expose public users and mainstream influencers to the blockchain industry, provide traditional businesses with the opportunity to digitally transform, and dispense value directly to targeted users rather than intermediaries. The Plats Network Action Hub has user-friendly B2B Web3 tools and libraries for Clients to create marketing campaigns.

Legal Music

Legal Music is building an out-of-the-box Web3 solution and NFT ticket marketplace to elevate the event experience for concert organizers, artists, and suppliers. Amongst other things, their NFT ticketing platform and internal money flow framework aims to eliminate intermediaries, solve ticket counterfeiting, enable artists to sell their merchandise at events, and improve the event industry over all by leveraging decentralized tech.


MixVerse is creating an Open Metaverse system featuring a VR/AR-Fi component which combines VR/AR, IoT, and Gameplay using officially certified VR/AR devices with unique mining attributes and IoT integrations. Its Metaverse, MixMeta, has myriad settings and will be interoperable with other Metaverses. MixSteam, its eco-level distribution platform, distributes games and apps, as well as IP and NFTs to all games and parallel metaverses built with its module. MixVerse is Multi-terminal Compatible for VR/AR devices, smartphones, and H5 (HTML5) web apps.


HorizonLand is a play-to-earn, multi-esport Metaverse ecosystem with multiple in-world MMO esport games such as billiards, bowling, chess, poker, and more, supported by a multi-utility NFT mechanism. Horizonland’s cities are known as an esports paradise, with many high-class hotel structures, futuristic residential villas, and transportation (including flying cars!)

Octopus Network Global Substrate Developer Training

The application chain project based on the Substrate framework is the foundation of Octopus Network multi-chain construction.

Octopus Network launched the first Substrate Developer Training courses in China several years ago which are now operated by Parity. Since then, we have negotiated with partners worldwide to expand our courses globally, with our first courses held in Vietnam, Malaysia, and India.

Vietnam Substrate Training

  • 3nd Phase Registration — 270 applicants
  • Rust Training Completed

Malaysia & India Substrate Training

  • 1st Hackathon Winning Teams
  • First Prize: Waldo (decentralized resume platform)
  • Second Prize: Sus (decentralized resume platform)
  • Third Prize: AbhiX (decentralized resume platform)
  • Fourth Prize: Blockchaingers (decentralized trader information platform)

June Media Highlights

  • Hackernoon — Gaming Network Effects And Their Paradoxes
  • Genetic Sovereignty & Web3 with Pandu Sastrowardoyo — CEO DeBio
  • Octopus Network <> Hackernoon #Web3 Writing Contest — May Winners!
  • Application-Specific Oracles Expand the Boundaries of Web3
  • Octopus Star Prize Winners — Accelerator Program Summer 2022
  • Yogain Appchain Joins Octopus Network