Nifty Comedians Announces Launch of its NEAR NFT Marketplace

Nifty Comedians Announces Launch of its NEAR NFT Marketplace

Nifty Comedians, a new blockchain-based comedy NFT store and marketplace, has officially announced the launch of its product on NEAR.

The project is the first comedy NFT platform of its kind that allows comedians to showcase their work and garner support for their talent. Within its marketplace, comedians can post their own clips, podcasts, and jokes that become visible to anyone navigating through the platform via the “Discover” portal. It previously supported only the Polygon (formerly known as Matic) blockchain. With NEAR integration, Nifty Comedian’s user base can leverage NEAR’s high throughput, scalability, and security.

Nifty Comedians’ goal is to become a one stop-shop umbrella platform where comedy fans can view, collect, and display their collections from their favorite comedians while also providing support for their work. This is a major attempt at transcending comedy through blockchain technology.

“Jokes as NFTs. There’s a big stigma among comedians against stealing jokes,” says Jack McDermott, Founder of Nifty Comedians.

“If comedians minted their original jokes on the blockchain, it would provide proof that a stolen joke was actually theirs, and they could have rights to earn royalties from them.”