The partnership will see one of Korea’s largest GameFi platforms expand to NEAR Protocol

March 6th, 2023, Seoul, Korea , 9:00 am ET: Today, NEAR announced a strategic partnership with METABORA SG, a Web3 gaming initiative affiliated with South Korea’s biggest multi-platform gaming company, Kakao Games.

Under the terms of the agreement, NEAR and BORA will mutually support each other to increase brand awareness, invest in research and collaboration on cross-chain, host events and generate Web3 business collaboration opportunities in Korea and worldwide.

METABORA is an affiliate of Kakao Games and the parent company of METABORA SG, focused on game development and blockchain-based gaming ecosystems. Its portfolio includes mobile games such as ‘Friends Popcorn,’ ‘Friends Town,’ and ‘Friends Shot’ based on Kakao Friends intellectual property.

Commenting on the partnership, Vincent Lim, a CBO of METABORA SG said:

“ We are thrilled to be working with NEAR and welcome their expertise, knowledge and network as we aim to transform the world of Web3 gaming. Together with NEAR we will not only explore cross-promotion opportunities, but also seek future collaborations on IP-based game development that will lead to mass adoption and give us the competitive edge we need to position ourselves as leading players in the web3 gaming space.”

Since the launch of the NEAR Korea Hub in November last year, the team has been steadily building up awareness throughout South Korea, and dedicating their efforts to Web3 innovation, business development, education, and talent. The hub is led by entrepreneurs Scott Lee and Ben Kang — both influential figures within South Korea’s growing blockchain community.

“One of the big ambitions of the hub is to tap into the country’s active gaming community, and to bring amazing projects and creators to the NEAR ecosystem.” said Robbie Lim, GM, Partners and International at NEAR. “ The partnership with METABORA SG is our first major win — and a big step forward for NEAR as it accelerates its ambition to become the go-to Layer 1 for the Web3 gaming community.”

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