NEAR Protocol Partners with Mask Network

NEAR Protocol Partners with Mask Network

NEAR Protocol is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Mask Network. NEAR Protocol and Mask Network will cooperate between their base layer technologies as well as on the application front. The Rainbow Bridge, the NEAR EVM, NEAR Drops, and other key components are expected to be integrated when launched, in order to accelerate widespread adoption and engagement with NEAR Protocol and the Mask Network.

The cooperation will start with a joint bounty, allowing developers from both communities to join forces and explore new opportunities at the intersection of these two protocols. The first bounty will be to facilitate the integration of the NEAR Wallet into the Mask Network, creating a solid foundation for future deployment of more NEAR based applications.

The NEAR Wallet is NEAR Protocolโ€™s non-custodial web wallet, using local storage on the users computer to store private keys in an open file format. This design is meant to provide more wallet options, and makes it easier to expand the NEAR developer community, while also marketing the determination of NEAR Protocol and Mask Network to support one another in creating a vibrant decentralized web and finance ecosystem.

The product idea of the Mask Network is a natural fit with the mission of NEAR Protocol. Both want to create a more free and open web, allowing users to control their own funds, data, and identity. This bounty is just the starting point of cooperation between the two projects. We have already planned a series of deeper integration projects and joint ventures that will be released to our communities over time. If you are interested in the Mask Network and NEAR Protocol, come join us!

The details of the Bounty are outlined here.