Meta Pool is live on NEAR mainnet #liquidmeta

Meta Pool is live on NEAR mainnet #liquidmeta

TLDR, here is the link to the Meta Pool mainnet DApp —

After months of hard work we are finally at the point of launch. It is to say that we are very proud of the community that has formed around this project, we would like to thank all the beta testers who submitted bugs and asked questions in our Discord (join us here). With the continuous support from the NEAR Guilds such as 4NTS, Silicon Craftsmen, Open Web Sandbox, NEAR Merchants, Open Shards Alliance, NEAR Vietnam, NEAR China, NEAR India, NEAR Week, NEAR Degens and NEAR Hispano.

Thank you everyone! This is just the beginning of our journey and you have made it worth the effort. But most importantly you have made this venture feel less lonely, which is a big part of why we are betting on the NEAR Ecosystem.

We have found the support we needed through out every interaction in the NEARverse; talking and getting advise from the Proximity Labs team, getting support from the NEAR Ecosystem Success team and some great introductions to investors and liquidity providers.

Our community launch.

For the launch on mainnet we are providing an incentives mechanism to bootstrap the Meta Pool protocol. We believe that products need community in order to thrive and that is why we are launching Meta Pool on top of Sputnik DAO v2 and also minting our governance tokens to those early supporters of the protocol, by rewarding NEAR token holders who contribute to the liquidity swap pool and stake their tokens in Meta Pool.

There will be 3 periods of staking rewards:

  • August 23 to 29.
  • August 30 to September 5.
  • September 6 to 10.

Meta Pool is live on NEAR mainnet #liquidmeta

Note: All $META tokens will have locked down period until November 23rd.

In the next days we will be coordinating weekly AMA’s on our Discord, so we can schedule time to hear from everybody. Just a word in advance they will be limited to 25 people…..sorry folks we are still bootstrapping and we think it will create a better channel to engage with you, keeping it intimate. :P

Here is the schedule from August 23rd to September 10th, we will have two weekly AMA’s:

  • Thursday starting at 8:00 Mexico / 15:00 Europe / 21:00 China
  • Friday starting at 8:00 Mexico / 15:00 Europe / 21:00 China

We are ready to keep building on NEAR and excited for everything that we hope to unlock in the NEARverse DeFi space!

If you want to know how Meta Pool works, please check out the following video tutorial that Silicon Craftsmen have in their Youtube Channel.