Meet free swaps in HERE Wallet + $2000 contest

Meet free swaps in HERE Wallet + $2000 contest

With our vision to make user experience as easy as possible and make all web3 features available in one app, we are so happy to announce that now you can swap tokens in HERE Wallet. Our main partner for this is Tonic DEX and we decided to make 0% fees for the swaps.

Tonic is a permissionless, fully on-chain, orderbook-based exchange platform built on NEAR. Instead of using LPs, Tonic use users orders to make swaps from “token A” to “token B”. It brings low fees, deep liquidity and precise pricing for the end user.

How to swap tokens HERE Wallet:

  1. Download HERE Wallet
  2. Add balance via NEAR, other crypto or fiat and click add token
  3. Choose token that you want to buy
  4. Choose the amount and confirm your swap

Swap contest ($2000 Reward)

We want to reward first users who swap tokens in our wallet. We will have 3 types of contests:

  1. Do minimum 5 swaps from Nov 28 - Dec 1 (750$ reward for 30 winners)
  2. Do minimum 5 swaps from Dec 2 - Dec 9 (750$ reward for 30 winners) If you do swaps every day, you can increase your chances to win!
  3. The more of your friends to whom you send money via .near address or phone number start swapping, the more rewards you can get (500$ for 10 winners)

E.g. You did 10 swaps from Nov 28 — Dec 1 and 5 swaps from Dec 2 — Dec 9. Also, 3 of your friends you sent money made a swap in HERE Wallet. Now you can win up to $100 as a reward!