Launching Odyssey

Launching Odyssey

od·​ys·​sey (n) | a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune

Ethereum changed the world with smart contracts, the birth of DeFi, and NFTs. It paved the way for many L1 chains that exist today. L1s are trying to solve barriers of entry to ETH, namely high transaction fees and low transaction throughput. This has led DeFi and NFT investors to search the open web for competitive yield and opportunities across many chains.

Our team has been following the development of NEAR Protocol and its ecosystem and believe it is strongly poised to pull investors and liquidity from other chains. Near’s EVM layer, Aurora, opens the gate for builders, bridgoors, and explorers to frictionlessly move to NEAR. We are extremely bullish on NEAR’s ecosystem to grow and expand to novel use cases because of its design and architecture.

We would like to officially announce Odyssey:

A comprehensive dashboard that aggregates your positions, holdings, and degenerate activities into one simple view.

On-chain portfolio management is painful. Tracking down where your positions are is challenging enough in a growing on-chain ecosystem. However, tracking performance of your investments over time is even more difficult without manual work. Our product focus for Odyssey is speed and accuracy. Odyssey provides real-time data to monitor investments over many protocols in the NEAR ecosystem. The beta product will include live position tracking of wallet balances, validator and liquid staking, AMM liquidity providing, yield farming, lending positions, and DEX coverage.

Why Beta?

We want to get the product into the hands of users to perform feedback cycles and to aid NEAR ecosystem participants. Behind the scenes, we are working on a powerful indexing tool to be able to deliver the golden metric in a portfolio dashboard: ROI.

How much IL have you actually incurred?

How much interest have you paid on this open loan?

How much has your LP position actually increased from trading fees?

Organized on-chain data answers these questions and will provide power users more insight into how they decide to manage their positions. A projected APY is nowhere NEAR (pun intended) indicative of how a position will perform, and providing users with this data gives a view into whether their portfolio is down bad or up only.

Once the indexer is built and the product is out of beta, these advanced features will be offered to PRO users through an on-chain subscription model. Standard live position tracking will always be free for everyone.

Our Journey So Far

Odyssey is comprised of a group of crypto veterans who have previous experience building on-chain crypto data products. The team participated in NEAR’s Hacker House in Austin in June and received the grand prize from the NEAR Foundation for our initial MVP of Odyssey. We took our momentum from the hackathon to receive a grant from Proximity Labs. With our partnerships across the NEAR ecosystem and our support from the NEAR Foundation and Proximity, we will realize our vision of making on-chain data more accessible to all types of on-chain crypto investors.

Begin your journey with Odyssey today: And join us on Discord!